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songs for 3/24 jam ...let's get em posted

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1 songs for 3/24 jam ...let's get em posted on Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:26 am

My picks for the sun. 3/24 jam would be ...wild night"meloncamp" and no satisfaction "stones"
Dont really know what key to suggest,I'll leave that up to you guitarists. Wild night is in the archives here somewere.
Let's get them posted as soon as possible so others can work on them.

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I think I've already posted a request for Clapton's "I shot the sheriff" along with Cream's "Strange Brew" and "dead flowers" by the Stones. The two later were played at our last Sunday jam. I may not have added the charts for I shot the sheriff". Here's the link to the charts --

use whatever youre comfort level will allow. The song was written by Marley, I believe. So as close as you can get to Reggae is cool.

and here's the video...

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