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1Introductions Empty Introductions on Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:56 pm


Starting a topic for members to share a little bio/musical backround.

Name: Brad
Location: Stillwater

Occupation: IT/Networking/Security aka uber geek

Music history: Sang in chorus and everywhere as a youth/teen. Tried guitar at 14, learned a few cowboy chords and got a Univox Les Paul copy. Dad had a cheap bass and a really nice pre CBS blackface Bassman 50. Moved to a puny rural Iowa town at 16, and pretty much gave up on playing/singing music by 18.

Fast forward to 2007: My son hands me the guitar controller for 'Guitar Hero' game. Its a blast, but it relights my fever to play music. My wife wonders if the cheese is slipping off my cracker as I research and buy a Squier/Amp starter pack. Using online courses and practicing nearly every single day, rewarding myself with guitars for sticking with it I manage to learn the basics. One day I see and ad on Craigs List for Rock Camp For Dads. Its just starting up, and the videos are dorky. WTF, you only live once. After the RCFD expirence, I want more! I meet up with a few coworkers and start a Jam. Pretty soon, its evolved into a band and we start playing RCHD alumni gigs and events at work. 2-1/2 years and it all just ends.

Gear: My geeking has extented to my musical side, so I've collected quite a few guitars, amps, effects, and PA gear. I LOVE tube amps (currently have 3) and can do basic maint/debugging.

Goals: Jam, meet others. I play guitar OR sing. Working on making that an AND and may test that out at a jam or two.

Tastes: I grew up on country, and 50's Rock and Roll, but of course that means I'm not very fond of it now. I like pretty much everything else, but listen to alot of older prog rock, blues and hard rock. Anything with good guitar. I like to play grunge, punk, new wave, and some older rock, mainly because they are in my skill level.

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2Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:16 pm

Hello Private Jam Clubbers. Here's a little info about my musical life:

- I've attempted to learn how to play guitar a number of times over the years.
- In 2007 I decided to give it another try and I'm still at it. Been learning mostly on my own with internet, books, dvds, etc. Hit the wall awhile ago. I think playing with other people will help.
- Some favorites: Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia, Widespread Panic, CCR, Beatles, U2, Clapton

I had a lot of health-related stuff to deal with in 2013 and the first half of 2014 so I haven't actually attended a jam yet. I'm hoping I can start participating soon. (Currently recovering from back surgery.)

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3Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:42 pm

Andy Olsen here, and here's my lame attempt at an introduction

I've played music for a long time, but mostly on bass.
I enjoy all types of stuff, but mostly listened to rock music of all types.
I have mostly played country and bluegrass, but have been in some rock and blues bands.
I hope to play guitar and do some singing at the jam. I'm not much on leads, but am learning rhythm.
I've had lots of different gear over the years,and now am the proud owner of a cheap Mexican tele and small fender amp.
I hope that Joe continues to host this (thanks joe!!!) as it helps me to build my abilities.
Hope to meet more of you, and get to play together and have some fun jamming!

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4Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:30 pm

Hello All, I am a guitar player, originally from Appleton, WI. I have been in the Twin Cities for just over 15 years. I play guitar for a living, here in town. I average about 180 gigs a year and have been playing professionally since 1972.

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5Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:19 am

I'm a guitar and bass player, and a decent singer. I play a Martin D28 acoustic with a Fishman pickup, usually through my PA. I like just about any style of music but I would say I'm best at blues, old country, folk, 60s and 70s acoustic pop. I love rockabilly as well. I also like to play bass but I'm better guitarist just because that's what I typically do.

I started out in the early 1980s and played for 8 years in a 50s 60s 70s variety band that was quite successful. I quit around 1992 when I had my first kid and picked up a guitar again in 2000 or so. I play pretty frequently at two weekly jams and I perform every couple of months or so. I have a fairly extensive catalog of originals I do as well. I'm looking to meet some new people and I'm trying to get more opportunities to play with drums and a bass player.

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6Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:22 am

BTW, I've seen Scott play a few times and he's VERY good. I hope everyone isn't like that, I'd feel kind of self conscious to be honest.

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7Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:48 am


Roger Anderson wrote:BTW, I've seen Scott play a few times and he's VERY good. I hope everyone isn't like that, I'd feel kind of self conscious to be honest.

I haven't seen Scott play, but almost all the rest are not pro level, but manage to make pleasing noises. From your bio I'd say you have nothing to worry about.

So far I'd say I'm the least skilled at the jams so far, but still manage to hang, learn and have fun.

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8Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:59 am

Thanks for the compliment, Roger. But, I didn't join this group to intimidate anyone. I am usually very supportive of other players and I just want to make the best music possible, in the situation that I am in.
I do keep myself at least somewhat busy playing gigs, but when I am available I would love to stop down and make some music.
I'll try to leave "My ego at the door", which is good advice to all.
All My Best,

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9Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:00 am

Ok. I haven't even been to a jam yet but here's my attempt at an introduction. I've been drumming on and off since ~1988. Started off playing in a Grateful Dead / Allman Brothers cover type band in college. Then I went to playing in a Country/Blues band for a couple years. After that I had a family and didn't play for probably 10 years or so. My college band got together for a couple reunions and the kids were older and I got the itch to play again. Since then I've recorded a very small folk type album with a friend of mine from up this way and for the past several months I've been playing with an original band. I'd say I'm more into the jam band type music and Blues. I like improv jams and would love to play with 2 drummers if anyone is interested. I have a VERY SMALL musical library and I don't read music. It's all by feel for me. Basically I'm looking to learn, be more creative, and have fun. My equipment is an old Tama Rockstar kit from ~1990. I have newer Zildjan A Custom cymbals though which I love. I practice at home with an Alesis DM10 electronic kit which the family bought me for Christmas so they didn't have to listen to me play my acoustic set. It was a gift for everyone!! LOL

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10Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Tue Mar 26, 2013 6:45 pm

Hi everybody. This is a cool idea - kudos to those responsible. Thanks for accepting my request to attend - looking forward to it. I like to try to play bass & sing - sometimes even at the same time. I'm open to all kinds of music, but especially dig blues, blues/rock, classic rock. See you at the jam ~ Doug Rude

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11Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:09 pm

Hey gang. My name is Ray Campbell. My friend Andy told me about this group so I thought I'd give it a try. I have been playing professionally since 1978 when I played my 1st "Cabaret Night" at the old Miller's Coaches saloon in St. Paul. I played strictly acoustic for 15 years, then tried my hand at playing the Blues and Rock&Roll, with some R&B thrown in for good measure(s). I am always looking for another gig, and I have played at most of the local Jams for many years now, whenever I have the time. Much like Scott, I try my best to perform somewhere nearly every weekend, but I am usually available to Jam during the week. Very easy going, good singer, slow-hand style electric guitarist and I can and will play lead or backup. For me it's about the music.


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12Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:20 pm

Hey everyone. My name Aaron Hardin. I've been playing guitar for going on 10 years now, since I was fifteen. I moved to Minneapolis from Indiana 4 years ago and when I moved I lost all the people I used to play music with. So I probably haven't jammed or played with anyone else more than a handful of time over the past few years. I like to play classic rock stuff and blues mostly but I'm open to anything. I just really would like to make music with other people again.

thanks and I hope to see some of you soon

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13Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:26 pm

Hi all. My name is Andrew Clark. I got hooked on guitar in my teens and have been playing ever since. I'm a Minnesota native - grew up in Duluth - and now live in St. Paul with my wife.

I got tired of being on a skill plateau and have been taking guitar lessons recently and getting into jazz guitar, which has been a great challenge. Mainly playing electric recently but enjoy acoustic as well of course.

My musical history is a lot of choir and a'capella singing in small groups - even did Christmas tunes professionally several years ago ago. For guitar, I've been in rock bands in high school and college but have mostly just been fiddling around and jamming with friends on and off since then. Mainly looking to make music in a group setting since that's what music is all about!

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14Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:15 pm

Hi All, I am Steve Jorissen. I am a Minnesota native and live up in the White Bear area. I have been playing guitar and singing for many years but for most of that time I was just strumming cowboy chords. For the past year I have been taking guitar theory and improvisation lessons at the School of Rock (parent program). Spent much of the last year in my basement playing along with YouTube jam tracks.

For music experience I have done some weddings and parties but nothing professional. I also led Confirmation music at our church for 6 years so plenty of time behind a mic in front of an audience. Vocal harmonies are key to contemporary Christian music so I am pretty good at finding 3rds and 5ths,

I like to play classic rock, blues and folk. Allmans, Santana, Floyd, CSN, Clapton, etc.

Looking forward to getting together and making some music.

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15Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Mon May 20, 2013 9:29 am

Hi, I am Ken De Leon. Born/raised from the Philippines, moved here in MN around when i was 20ish about 15yrs ago. Picked up guitar when i was 16 and had been playing on and off over the years.

Music experience is mostly basement jamming with similar non-committed parent bandmates, church gigs at times to support the Asian Choir that my bass player leads, wedding and house parties, most recently a concert for non-profit christian group (so i am getting really familiar with P&W). Other than that, mostly wanking in my office on backing tracks Smile.

Taste: rock/blues from Hendrix/LZ, Clapton/SRV to Pearl Jam and Black Keys. I love me all sort of music that I can play decent enough.

- MIM Strat I got in Japan in the 90s. Only change is swapped out pups with lace sensors.
- Gibson LP Traditional i got 2 yrs ago.
Both blackies, I love them both -- if i can only play them at the same time
- Marshall DSL 401 (my 40W bedroom amp lol).
- Egnater Tweaker 15 on Avatar Cab 2x12
- enough pedals to cover assorted music other than heavy metal.

- Meet new like minded people
- Hear other people play and learn
- Have fun, jamming is always fun
- Play rock music, maybe even sing if youi folks let me
- give me reason to get another amp

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16Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sun Jun 16, 2013 1:02 am

Name: Tom Cooper
Location: Eagan

Occupation: IT Security, hardware/software support, audit, project mgmt, and misc other stuff.  CISSP

Music history: I've been playing and learning guitar for 4-5 years now.  Same as several others signed up here, I have been doing the RCFD camps for 3 years now.  I have done several onstage gigs at Bunkers and many in studio shows at RCFD.

Gear: I have a nice selection of gear, including a few guitars, amps, and effects. I have a few tube amps and a Roland Acoustic amp..

Goals: Jam, meet others. Maybe work on a few ongoing projects. I enjoy playing rhythm guitar (acoustic and electric) and would like to work to improve my lead skills.  Maybe sing some background some day.

Tastes: I grew up on 60's/70's Classic Rock, but also like most of the newer country tunes and artists and am always expanding my interests.

Other Hobbies: Softball, golf, photography, hiking

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17Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:32 pm

Hi Everyone!

Name: Dan Mather

Occupation: Glass Artist

Music History: Played trombone in high school, and then didn't touch an instrument for 30 years until 3.5 years ago when a friend gave me a bass of his to use if I'd join his basement band and learn the bass. It was love at first THUMP. They didn't want to leave the basement, so last year I tried a RCFDs camp, loved it, formed a band that gigged fairly regularly, and played a few more RCFDs camps. Love live jamming.

Goals: Now that my regular group's singer is leaving the country next month I want to keep myself sharp and continue to develop my abilities.

Gear: Gave back the loaner bass this spring and got myself a Roscoe LG3005 (five string), run it through a Genz Benz STL-Max 9.2 (900 watts), and by this time next week should have my steampunk inspired custom Greenboy Design fEARless 112 cab. (I'll never be able to blame anything on my gear, ever)

Tastes: All music really, with a lean toward jamming blues.

Other hobbies: Golf.

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18Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sun Aug 25, 2013 10:59 am

Hello my name is Tom Teeters. I did 2 RCFD jamshops and was told by one of my fellow musicians about Private Jam Club.
I started out playing the sax in school but always liked the drums. I have two sons who play the guitar so in order to jam with them I bought some drums.

PDP Mainstage Kit with Sabian cymbals.

I jammed on August 15th with some great guys and look forward to the next time.

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19Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:47 am

Phil Vanner

Vocals and guitar. Played as a teen, put it down for years and picked it back up a few years ago. I got drafted as a singer by Rock Camp for Dads and have been typecast as a hard-rock screamer ever since. Personally my tastes run more Blues/rockabilly/Americana, but that old-school rock and roll will always have a place in my heart.

I need to free up some time to make a jam but I have a couple of night classes at MCTC this semester and I'm trying to figure out how to squeeze it in between my kids and work and everything else. Looking forward to it.

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20Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:06 pm

Hey All

It's about time I introduce myself

My name is Lee Frisvold

I play guitar and may attempt to sing sometime.

Musical past:
I was in a few bands in the mid 70's to the late 80's and then quit for like 20+ years. (Didn't even pick up a guitar)
I then went to see Joe Bonamassa and got interested in playing again.
I've been playing again for about two years and then I saw Joe's post on craigslist and thought I'd give a whirl.
The first jam with this club was the first time since 87 I've play with anybody. I had a blast.

My goals are to get my chops back and to get into a band that does blues rock in the vein of SRV, KWS, Gary Moore, Buddy Guy, Robin Trower, Hendrix, Luther Allison, Jimmy Thackery etc.

My current equipment

7 MIJ Stratocasters
Epiphone Sunburst Les Paul Plus Top Pro FX (always wanted a Les Paul with a Floyd)
Marshall DSL40C

I've been thru 3 amps this past year and always seem to go back to a Marshall

I think I've done about 6 Jams and had a blast at all of them.
I'm still trying to find the elusive tone  

At the last Jam they let me play side on Statesboro blues and I had a ball.
I've met a lot great players and people

thanks Joe and everyone that comes to jam.

Other hobbies

Blues Rock Player

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21Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Sat Sep 28, 2013 4:05 pm

Hi my name is Denise
I am new to MN. I grew up here but moved away 13 years ago. I have been living in Cali on a collective ranch where we would jam all the time. I sing and play a little bit of violin. I don't really know how to play any songs like they are "suppose" to be played... I am trictly an improviser... I am really happy to have found this group and look forward to playing. I can also play a little bit of guitar but my hands give out after about a half hour. Oh... I almost forgot, I also play flute and harmonium. Smile

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22Introductions Empty Re: Introductions on Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:40 am

I am a 45 year old guitarist and band leader that has been playing off and on for about twenty years. I started my first band back in the early '90s shortly after I got my first guitar.  I took a break from playing for about ten years; and started up again around 2003.  I've been leading my current band, Kick The Dog, since early 2007.  Kick The Dog plays classic and current rock locally about twice a month.

I play mostly rhythm and simple leads and would like to play with different people for the fun of it.

Rick Rock

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